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The First Social Media 3.0 Site Takes Google By Surprise

In social media,Social Media 3.0,social media marketing on March 29, 2011 by scottgerling

The First Social Media 3.0 Site In Real-Time Takes Google By Surprise. Setting up to be a classic David vs. Goliath battle, the competition between “” vs.”GoogleMe”  comes down to creativity vs deep pockets.

Socialiife A Real-Time Social Media Marketing Utility was built for less that $10,000 but packs the combined punch of Twitter, Skype, Facebook and Google AdWords all in one place. It is the first real-time marketing utility that allows marketers live face to face connectivity uninhibited by spam links, who friended you back, or the amount of money one spends on advertising. What is so amazing about Socialiife is that in real-time, not only can a marketer connect instantly with anyone from anywhere, but the site also aggregates all of your Social Media  into a central location.

Google is reportedly spending upwards of $100 million dollars building their Social Media consolidation site in an attempt to recapture web traffic that has naturally migrated to Facebook and other Social Media sites.  The investment Google is making is proof that they believe they can once again dominate traffic in all areas of the web. Google executives are hoping the infamous GoogleMe will be the Facebook killer. And why not? They already leaked their intention of spending truck loads of money and slammed Facebook all at once. This kind of unchallenged publicity is priceless. But Google didn’t consider the outsider from out of nowhere.

Enter Socialiife 3.0 – “The Real-Time Social Media Marketing Utility.”

Socialiife takes Social Media marketing to a whole new level! It is the first 3.0 Social Media site that offers live, direct, “inbound” Social Media marketing and centralizes the whole of one’s Social Media hang outs together. The site does real-time marketing with an onsite utility called “The KeyFeed.” The KeyFeed works kind of like a Skype alternative, Twitter and AdWords, except that buyers and sellers get in touch with each other in real time. The KeyFeed is FREE with paid upgrades for power users. The KeyFeed identifies pre qualified searchers who find each other because of matching keywords. The KeyFeed delivers a real time search experience like no other site on the web. It is designed to connect people person to person instead of delivering a pile of links. Whether you’re an online marketer or want to see the latest in real-time Social Media site technology, have a close look at Here is a KeyFeed Video Tutorial.