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Super Linking: New SEO solution for traffic, super fast search engine indexing, and page rank enhancement.

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Super Linking is a recent discovery (May 2009) in the world of SEO. Simply put, it is the most powerful way to leverage a linking and keyword strategy for any URL. The traffic that can be gained by optimized Super Linking¬†can be incredible! However, the optimization must be performed correctly for it to work or “illuminate.” Most webmasters understand the importance of a back linking strategy. Again, most understand that gaining ground on a list of quality, relevant and high quality backlinks is hard work.

Currently, the 3 most popular ways of gaining links are, reciprocal linking (which no positive online consensus can be made), paying for links (which Google has said is not great), and random placement of links on social media sites (which is good, but does not match the power of Super Linking.)

On the other hand, Super Linking puts the power of a fully developed linking strategy back in the hands of the webmaster, where it belongs. No more begging or paying for links, just straight forward link and keyword optimization.

The key to Superlinking is understanding the technical aspects of the optimizations. Although these optimizations are pretty straight forward, because it uses a combined optimization strategy, it can be confusing. Don’t let it be! The prize far outweighs the learning curve! If you want your site to be indexed almost immediately for your chosen keywords on a perpetual basis, then learn everything you can about Super Linking before your competitors do.

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